• Tony Felice

Walk away from the hideous tie.

Your tears stain his shoulder. His wallet is full of cobwebs so you can have those air Jordan's. He graciously weathered the storms of disapproval from your mother when you asked for a "year off to find yourself," and he literally didn't strangle that guy who broke your heart -- and in return, you present him with a tie that puts new meaning to the word "unfortunate."

This year, for Pete's sake, give him the gift he can appreciate. Food and booze. And the best part is you don't have to shop for or make him anything. You can totally phone this one in (well we'd rather you buy it online than call, but we won't be fussy, call if you must).

Give him the gift that keeps giving: a THAT Place Projects gift card. Refillable, and useable at any of our three restaurants: Tinderbox Kitchen, Annex Cocktail Lounge or Tourist Home. 

A Father's Day you can remember...as in, don't waste time, uh go buy the card right now so you aren't scrambling on June 16. Order now and have it shipped to him directly for the special day.

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