• Tony Felice

Don't Be Fooled Again


April 1st, 2019

Cocktails 6pm.

Dinner begins promptly at 7pm.

$95 Per Person

RSVP (Space is limited to 48 people) maura@tinderboxkitchen.com 


It is commonly known that fools gather on the first of April to celebrate...well...foolishness. Tinderbox Kitchen is no different. Join us for a gregarious evening of great food, great friends, great laughs and a friendly competition among fools blind tasting a variety of Sutcliffe Vineyards wines. Sign up and we will divide you into teams, pick your team name, taste brown-bagged bottles of delicious Colorado wines and record your guesses! At the conclusion of our evening we will crown the King Jester’s table and you will have bragging rights (and some other goodies) for an entire year. is is a fun and popular event and offered only to the first 48 Fools who sign up; call us or talk to your Server to join the fun. 

It’s so improbable, it sounds like the setup to a joke; “ A Welshman walks into a bar...”, but that’s exactly how this story started. The Welshman, John Sutcliffe, moved to the desert of Southwest Colorado and, maybe foolishly, planted French grape varietals on California rootstock and ends up producing the most acclaimed wines in the region. John certainly did walk into a bar, the Tinderbox Kitchen, in 2010, met Kevin Heinonen, talked him into buying Colorado wines and what sounds like the start of a joke has grown into a stalwart and long-standing friendship and collaborative partnership that has endured the better part of a decade. Over time, John and Kevin have become as close as family; trips back and forth across the desert and Monument Valley to work the fields, crush the grapes, ferment the juice, blend the wines and create the cornerstone of the Tinderbox wine list and to proudly create from every harvest what John and Kevin believe to be the most incredible blend made exclusively for our restaurants. 

Our wines and our partnership contain all the markers of success; two head jokers, many memories, incredible fun and most of all outstanding wines. Join us in this Tom-Foolery and taste this story.

Tinderbox Kitchen

34 S. San Francisco Street

Flagstaff, AZ 86001 


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